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Sign Our Petition to Save Illinois' Soil & Water by Preventing Runoff

Preventing runoff is a win-win-win for the people of Illinois. It saves farmers' money by keeping their healthy soil where it should be -- on their land for the next generation to continue growing America's food. It helps the environment by keeping excess soil and pollution from harming our streams, rivers and lakes. And it helps preserve our state's culture of outdoorsmanship, be it fishing, boating, hunting or kayaking in our clean and safe waterways. Please sign our petition to say you support preventing runoff in Illinois.

Support Aquatic Life Standards for the Chicago River

The Chicago River provides recreational enjoyment and economic vitality for the people of Chicago. It is critical to keep it clean and safe for people and for fish and other aquatic life. We can help protect the Chicago River by adopting strong aquatic life standards and by adopting measures such as dam removal, fish hotels and other measures. Tell the Illinois Pollution Control Board that you support strong aquatic life standards for the Chicago River.

Tell Illinois to Hold Coal Mine Polluters Accountable

On Nov. 16, 2012, the Illinois Pollution Control Board ruled in favor of ELPC and our clients in a case against the Industry Mine near Macomb, Ill. Now the Board must decide on an appropriate fine for the mining company. We need your help to convince the Board that there is a strong case for imposing a large fine based on the extreme number of violations, violations spanning a number of years, and plans to open two new strip mines by the same operator in the same west-central region of Illinois. Our clean water standards were designed to protect the public. But we can’t enforce those standards effectively unless we send the right economic signals to chronic polluters.

Support Strong Groundwater Protections for McHenry County

The first draft of the McHenry County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) includes strong groundwater protection requirements. McHenry County is one of the fastest-growing communities, depends 100% on groundwater, and is facing a groundwater shortage in the next decade. Tell McHenry County that you support these proposed strong groundwater protection provisions.

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