ELPC's Statement on Gov. Quinn's Clean Water Initiative
Howard Learner - chicago, ill

Environmental Law & Policy Center Commends Governor Quinn’s Announced Plans to Expand Clean Water Initiative


Executive Director, Environmental Law & Policy Center

The Environmental Law & Policy Center commends Governor Pat Quinn’s plans for a $1 billion extended investment in the Clean Water Initiative to advance water quality improvements in Illinois. 

“Governor Quinn’s Clean Water Initiative provides necessary investments to upgrade Illinois’ aging water infrastructure and improve water quality,” said Howard Learner, Executive Director of the Environmental Law & Policy Center. 

“This financing for clean water projects will help clean up pollution from Illinois rivers and lakes while protecting our drinking water supplies from potential threats. For example, Governor Quinn’s initiative recently helped fund important disinfection projects to clean up the Chicago River,” said Learner.  “The Clean Water Initiative will also create many jobs for skilled trades including plumbers and pipefitters.”

“The Environmental Law & Policy Center urges Illinois communities to utilize available Clean Water Initiative financing, and we encourage the General Assembly to find ways to fund new approaches to protecting our waters.”


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