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  • Restore the Clean Water Act: Take Action to Prevent Water Pollution, Reduce Flooding and Protect Habitat
    July 2 2014
    Which waters are most worth protecting? The answer is fundamental…
  • Illinois Environmental Community Rejects Last Minute Fracking Bill
    May 24 2014
    Late today amendments were submitted in the Illinois General…
  • Is Illinois at risk for the next coal ash disaster?
    May 8 2014
    On Feb. 2, a storage site filled with coal ash – a…
  • IEPA pushes for rules on coal ash disposal
    March 11 2014
    Illinois coal power plants consumed more than 48 million tons of…
  • ELPC's Statement on Gov. Quinn's Clean Water Initiative
    January 29 2014
    Environmental Law & Policy Center Commends Governor…
    January 28 2014
    CHICAGO – Clean water advocates are challenging weak…

Latest News

Letter: Protect Clean Water in Illinois
Posted Sep 22, 2014

This spring, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed a rule to close the loopholes that currently leave 20 million acres of the nation’s wetlands and half of its streams and rivers unprotected under the Clean Water Act. This is particularly problematic in Illinois because of the threat of continued contamination to Lake Michigan, a drinking source to millions of Illinoisans. Those neglected rivers and streams flowing into Lake Michigan threaten public health and a source of revenue... Read More »
Ill. EPA Memo: Communication Breakdown in BP Oil Spill in Lake
Posted Sep 22, 2014

The BP oil spill into Lake Michigan earlier this year was “a shot over the bow,” jolting Illinois officials to consider the prospect of future industrial accidents and the threat to drinking water. That’s according to an Illinois Environmental Protection Agency official who warned his colleagues in an email shortly after the March 25 spill that communication and coordination were not good following the incident in northwest Indiana. U.S. and Indiana officials who went to the... Read More »
The Telegraph: Illinois American Water planning $2.25 million in water main replacements
Posted Aug 25, 2014

ALTON — Illinois American Water recently announced its plan to invest approximately $2.25 million to complete watermain installation projects in the Alton service area. Crews began working last month to install about 2.4 miles of water main, according to a press release from the company. Completed projects include 150 feet of water main on Elm Street in Alton and over 700 feet of water main on West Delmar Avenue in Godfrey. Additional projects are kicking off in... Read More »
Chicago retests Lake Michigan, results shows water is safe from algae bloom toxins
Posted Aug 22, 2014

A discovery of high toxin levels in Lake Erie prompted Chicago to re-test the water from Lake Michigan–and results showed that the lake is safe from algae bloom contamination. The Lake Michigan water is distributed throughout the city and suburbs. A news release posted by the Chicago Department of Water Management assured residents that “Chicago tap water continues to be safe to use or drink” earlier this month. Yet, the results didn’t come as a shocker to most... Read More »
Plastic Microbeads: The Newest Threat To The Great Lakes
Posted Aug 22, 2014

By Helen Lucey, EWG's Administrative Assistant I grew up just a block away from Lake Michigan, dunked my head in all five Great Lakes two summers ago and thought I knew the lakes pretty well.  I am all too familiar with no-swim days, when pollutants reach levels hazardous to human health, not to mention the stench of rotting algae blooms caused by fertilizer run-off and the invasive zebra mussels that cover rocks and piers along the shoreline. Still, I was shocked to learn of a new... Read More »

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